Blue Badge holders

If you are a Blue Badge holder you can cross both bridges unlimited at no extra charge once you have successfully registered with merseyflow and paid a £5 registration fee.

If you are a Blue Badge holder and don’t register for a Blue Badge plan, you will have to pay the toll/charge for each crossing each time to use the Mersey Gateway or Silver Jubilee Bridge, and you could even get a penalty charge of up to £60 if you fail to pay the toll charge on time. The Blue Badge holder must be present in the vehicle when crossings are made in line with the Terms and Conditions for a Blue Badge plan.

Important: before you start

  • You can only register one vehicle to get your Blue Badge discount – so make sure you register the vehicle you will use most.
  • You don’t have to be the registered owner of the vehicle to register it in your name and qualify for unlimited crossings, but …
  • As the Blue Badge holder you have to be in the vehicle to qualify for the unlimited crossing – if someone else is using the vehicle on their own they will have to pay.
  • Before registering for the account, please ensure that you have photos or scanned versions of both sides of your Blue Badge ready as you will need to upload these as 2 separate documents to complete the registration process. The documents must be in PDF, PNG, JPG or BMP format and must not be larger than 5MB.

Register for a Blue Badge holder Plan

Halton Residents who have a disability but are not eligible for a Blue Badge and whose disability prevents them from driving are able to register a vehicle to benefit from unlimited crossings under the Local User Discount Scheme when they are travelling in the vehicle. Please click here or more information.

Want to know more?

If you are a Blue Badge holder and we haven’t been able to answer all your questions here, than please read our FAQ section here specifically for Blue Badge Holders for more information.


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