Local User Discount Scheme (LUDS)

Eligible Halton Residents can register for a Local User Discount Scheme (LUDS), pay a £10 annual administration fee and then make as many personal trips as they like across the river at no extra cost.

What you need to qualify for Halton Resident Scheme


To qualify you must be able to provide evidence that you meet the relevant criteria below:

  1. either: (a) be registered with Halton Borough Council as living in a property in Halton with a Council Tax Band of A, B, C, D, E or F, or (b) be registered with Halton Borough Council as living in a property in Halton with a Council Tax Band of G and H and successfully apply to the council to be included in the LUDS as a result of economic hardship or other special circumstances*,
  2. be the holder of a valid and current UK driving licence.
  3. be the registered keeper according to the DVLA of a car or small van** registered in Halton. Equivalent proof that you are an eligible Halton resident who has a lease or hire vehicle.

*If you are a Halton resident who is not eligible for the LUDS you may qualify for help through the Halton Local User Discount Support Scheme 

**Only Class 2 vehicles are eligible under the LUDS.  Please see our tolling charges and for a more detailed breakdown of vehicle classes please refer to the relevant FAQ

Once you have registered for an account, we will check your details and as soon as your payment has been confirmed we will send you your merseyflow sticker to go on your vehicle’s windscreen.

Your LUDS is valid for 12 months and you will need to re-register each year to prove you are still eligible and pay a £10 administration fee.

Halton residents with a disability which prevents them from driving but are not eligible for a Blue Badge could register a vehicle to benefit from unlimited crossings under the Local User Discount Scheme.  For more information click here. 


IMPORTANT - before you start

Please ensure that you have photos or scanned versions of the following documents ready as you will need to upload all three documents to complete the registration process.

1. Your current valid driving licence.
2.  Your current council tax bill (a copy bill can be obtained by emailing Council.Tax@halton.gov.uk).
3.  Your vehicle registration document (V5C).

The address shown on all documents must match the address you provide when registering your account as should the name on the driver’s licence and V5C document.

Payment of the £10 administration fee will be required on registration and will be processed when your documents have been approved.

Register for a Local User Discount Scheme (LUDS)

If you are renewing a LUDS, read our step-by-step guide, then log into your account.

Want to know more? Halton Resident's FAQs 

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