How to install your merseyflow sticker

It is important to install your windscreen sticker in the correct area on your windscreen.

If your car has a dotted / mottled area around your rear view mirror, your sticker should be installed there. This area is specifically designed to allow electronic tolling devices to work through your windscreen effectively.

sticker installation

We've created a couple of short videos to show you where to fix your sticker correctly. Modern cars have different types of casing and systems built into their windscreens, but essentially, if you are driving a car, you just need to put your sticker as close to the top of the windscreen and in the middle as you can, but please watch one of our videos below if you want any more guidance.

We have also created a downloadable guide in PDF format

How to register with merseyflow to receive discounted crossings

A Guide For Halton Residents

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